Jacob Aue Sobol: ‘With and Without You’ & ‘Road of Bones’ | Leica

Sunday 21 May 2017
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
On Booth - Leica Camera
Photo London
Somerset House

Jacob Aue Sobol was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1976. After studying at the European Film College, Jacob was admitted to Fatamorgana, the Danish School of Documentary and Art Photography in 1998. There he developed a unique, expressive style of black-and-white photography, which he has since refined and further developed. In the autumn of 1999, he went to live in the settlement Tiniteqilaaq on the East Coast of Greenland. Over the next three years, he lived mainly in this township with his Greenlandic girlfriend Sabine and her family, living the life of a fisherman and hunter but also photographing. The resultant book Sabine was published in 2004, and the work was nominated for the 2005 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.

In the summer of 2005, Jacob travelled with a film crew to Guatemala to make a documentary about a young Mayan girl’s first journey to the ocean. The following year he returned by himself to the mountains of Guatemala where he met the indigenous family Gomez-Brito. He stayed with them for a month to tell the story of their everyday life. The series won the First Prize Award, Daily Life Stories, World Press Photo 2006.

In 2006 he moved to Tokyo and during the next two years, he created the images from his recent book I, Tokyo. The book was awarded the Leica European Publishers Award 2008 and published by Actes Sud (France), Apeiron (Greece), Dewi Lewis Publishing (Great Britain), Edition Braus (Germany), Lunwerg Editores (Spain) and Peliti Associati (Italy).

Jacob is a member of Magnum Photos


With and Without You

The latest book by Jacob Aue Sobol is a tribute to his father who died when he was 20 years old. Printed on Jacobs 40th birthday it is a compilation of all the projects that he has made and that his father never got to see.

If you buy one book from Jacob this should be it. It has key images from all of his work including the yet unpublished projects Home, Road Of Bones and America as well as Sabine, The Gomez Brito Family, Arrivals and Departures, By the River of Kings and I, Tokyo

HB, 189 mm x 252 mm

129 tritone images

224 pages

All books are signed by Jacob Aue Sobol


Road of Bones

From the road in Siberia, Road of Bones is Jacob Aue Sobol’s newest series – presented in catalogue format.

‘Road of Bones’ catalogue + 1 Archival pigment print (20×13,36 cm) of choice: “Brothers of Siberia” or “Twins” or “Girl and Deer” (named in order of previews) – The print can be framed as well.

40 pages, 26 tritone images, 297 mm x 396 mm


Jacob Aue Sobol will be showing at Photo London Fair with Leica Camera