2023 Exhibitors announced

Lea Lund & Erik K, Erik, Spring Street, Manhattan, 2014, pigment print. © Lea Lund & Erik K, Courtesy Catherine Edelman

Photo London 2023 brings together over 110 exhibitors from 55 cities worldwide, showcasing artworks with themes ranging from the socio-political to the cinematic; the constructed to the hyper-real. This year the Fair presents several galleries supporting photographers from Iran: LS10 Gallery (London) presents a focus on Iranian contemporary photography; Roya Khadjavi Projects /Nemazee Fine Art (New York) brings together the works of five Iranian photographers whose practice is based on a documentary engagement intertwining socially conscious and environmental works from urban communities to the rural landscape; while O Gallery (Tehran) is presenting works by the contemporary photographer Mohammedreza Mirzaei alongside rare prints by Kaveh Kazemi.


Baining in nature power, 2015 © Wylda Bayron – Courtesy of 193 Gallery


The growing significance of photography in Africa is highlighted by presentations throughout the Fair, including 193 Gallery (Paris/Venice), Ed Cross (London) and Bonne Espérance Gallery (Paris) who present a solo show spanning the entire career of Jürgen Schadeberg (1931 – 2020). Photography’s power as a social and political tool is further celebrated in the presentation at ATLAS Gallery (London) focusing on the British history of civil rights and anti-racist movements while at Albumen Gallery (London) gender identity and LGTBQIA+ rights are explored by photographers spanning four decades and different global geographies. Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago) will display the complex cultural propositions by Syrian refugee Omar Imam, works by Lea Lund & Erik K and Michael Koerner. VirginiaVisualArts (London) meanwhile devotes its booth to a solo presentation of the American artist Bootsy Holler.


Shirine, 2022 © Sam Wright


In the Discovery section, first-time exhibitor Gaotai Gallery (Urumqi) presents Hailun Ma’s series ‘Hometown’; New Dimension (London) dedicates its booth to a solo show by the British photographer Sam Wright capturing the atmosphere of everyday life in Naples; and Homecoming (Haarlem) presents works by exceptional emerging photographers from diverse locations who share an upbeat form of societal commentary.

Themes of landscape and the environment feature strongly across the Fair. Roland Belgrave (Brighton) presents a solo show by artist Mandy Barker. ARTCO Gallery (Berlin) brings a solo presentation of the world-renowned photographer, artist and activist Gideon Mendel. Crane Kalman Brighton and Eleven Fine Art (Twickenham) are teaming up to showcase the works of three female photographers whose approaches to landscape photography varies from real, to imagined and fantastical; while at Alessia Paladini (Milan) the group presentation ‘On Landscape’ will feature works by five women photographers from across the world whose works are connected through the red threads of memory, recollection of the past, change and resilience. The relationship between landscape and memory is also a feature of Los Angeles-based artist Jessie Chaney’s evocative images of abandoned civilisation from her series ‘Memories of a Space’ on show at FabriK Media (Los Angeles); while Bildehalle (Zürich) mounts a group show on the topic of memory and remembering in photography.


Charlotte’s Hallucination, 2022 © Carlos and Jason Sanchez – Courtesy of Carlos and Jason Sanchez


A number of exhibits focus on photography’s intersection with other art forms. The cinematic is explored in Carlos and Jason Sanchez’s meticulously staged, suspenseful images which deploy custom-built sets and eerie lighting to create fictional scenes, on view at first-time exhibitor Christopher Cutts Gallery (Toronto). At Willas Contemporary (Oslo), Galleri K (Oslo) will show large-scale photography on the theme of ‘Nature and technology’ by Thomas Struth, Mikkel McAlinden and Thomas Demand, known for his illusionistic photographs of three-dimensional models sculpted entirely from paper. Models feature also in Lena Amuat & Zöe Meyer’s enigmatic series ‘Artefakte & Modelle’ at Galerie Robert Morat (Berlin) — meticulously staged portraits of objects embodying the human struggle for knowledge.

The possibilities and impacts of new technologies are investigated in works pushing the boundaries of photography. In the Main section of the Fair, Artemis Gallery (Lisbon) presents Evelyn Bencicova’s “Artificial Tears” series and kennedy+swan’s stereoscopic film “Delphi Demons” to expose AI technologies’ flaws and fragilities, reflecting on our strange reality and the future of global change. The Empty Circle (New York), meanwhile, mounts a solo show of the late photographer and filmmaker, Adolfo Doring (1962 – 2016) whose series “Posted” explores collective curation using the algorithms of social media in diptychs that juxtapose one of the oldest formats of the medium, the daguerreotype, with likes and comments curated by friends, family and fans.


Peacock, 2019 © Itamar Freed and Kristina Chan – Litvak Contemporary Gallery


In the Discovery Section, Litvak Contemporary (Tel-Aviv) presents “Nature Tales” by Itamar Freed and Kristina Chan, which features photographs of sites the artists have visited combined with images from curated environments to search for vanishing notions of realness in the natural world. Fiumano Clase (London) shows works by Sam Burford, who uses handmade cameras, 3D printing and bespoke machine learning methods to probe the ways that technology generates new aesthetic forms. While the Digital Creative Agency Diorama uses the concept of Hyper-realism, beginning with something that does not exist and then realising its perception as though an actual object to blur the distinctions between what is real and perceived.
Photo London’s programme of pavilion installations returns this year with the first UK showing of ‘I MATTER’, an outdoor photographic exhibition presented by CASE Art Fund, a nonprofit based in Illinois whose mission is to raise awareness about children’s human rights through the support and exhibition of photography. Wrapping around the pavilion will be images of children from around the world holding signs stating “I MATTER” in their native language. Photographed by parents, guardians, classmates and photographers from around the world, the on-going project reminds us that all children matter, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, legal status, or religion.

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Main Section

193 Gallery (Paris), 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery (Milan), Aho and Soldan Photo and Film Foundation (Helsinki), Albumen Gallery (London), Alessia Paladini Gallery (Milano), ARTCO Gallery (Berlin), Artemis Gallery (Lisbon), ARTITLEDcontemporary (Herpen), Atlas Gallery (London), Augusta Edwards Fine Art (London), BILDHALLE (Amsterdam, Zurich), Blue Lotus Gallery (Hong Kong), Bonne Espérance Gallery (Paris, France), CAMERA WORK (Berlin), Camilla Grimaldi (Rome), Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago), Christopher Cutts Gallery (Toronto), Crane Kalman Brighton (Brighton), Echo Fine Arts (French Riviera), Ed Cross Fine Art (London), Eleven Fine Art (Twickenham), Fabrik Projects (Los Angeles), Fisheye Gallery (Paris, Arles), Flowers Gallery (London, Hong Kong), Galerie Olivier Waltman (London, Miami, Paris), Galerie Sophie Scheidecker (Paris), GALERIE XII (Paris, Los Angeles), Galerie—Peter—Sillem (Frankfurt am Main), Galleri K (Oslo), Galleria Heino (Helsinki), GALLERIA VALERIA BELLA (Milan), Grob Gallery (Geneva, Parracombe), Iconic Images (London), Ira Stehmann Fine Art (Munich), Koman Fine Art (Vero Beach, Florida), Lee Miller Archives (East Sussex), LIGHTWORKS (Sydney), M A Â T G A L L E R Y (Paris), MAGNUM (London, Paris), MARS Gallery (Melbourne), Messums London (London, Wiltshire), Michael Hoppen Gallery (London), O Gallery (Tehran), OSMOS (New York, Stamford), OstLicht. Gallery for Photography (Vienna), Patricia Conde Galería (Mexico City), Persons Projects (Berlin), Peter Fetterman Gallery (Santa Monica), Photon Gallery (Ljubljana), PODBIELSKI CONTEMPORARY (Milan), Podgorny Robinson Gallery (Saint Paul de Vence), Purdy Hicks Gallery (London), Robert Hershkowitz Ltd (London), ROBERT MORAT GALERIE (Berlin), ROLAND BELGRAVE (Brighton), Roya Khadjavi Projects /Nemazee Fine Art (New York), SCAD (Atlanta), Shtager Gallery (London), SmithDavidson Gallery (Amsterdam, Mexico City, Miami), Suite 59 Gallery (Amsterdam), Thames & Hudson (London), The Empty Circle (New York), The Hyman Foundation (London), The Music Photo Gallery (Buenos Aires, New York), The Photographers’ Gallery (London), THIS IS NO FANTASY* (Melbourne), TJ Boulting (London), WILLAS contemporary (Oslo, Stockholm), Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo).

Discovery Section

Carlos Caamaño Foto Galería (Lima), DIORAMA (Paris, Milan), DURAN MASHAAL (Montreal), espace_L (Geneva), Fiumano Clase (London), Galerie Écho119 (Paris), GAOTAI GALLERY (Urumqi), Homecoming Gallery (Amsterdam), Inside-out art gallery (Brussels), Isolina Arbulu (Marbella), Koop Projects (Brighton), Litehouse Gallery (London), Litvak Contemporary (Tel-Aviv), LS10 Gallery (London, Barcelona), New Dimension (London), Open Doors Gallery (London), UP Gallery (Hsinchu City), VIRGINIAVISUALARTS (London).

Publisher Section

5Uhr30 (Köln), ACC ART BOOKS (Woodbridge), Aperture (New York), Atelier EXB (Paris), BLOW UP PRESS (Poland), Dewi Lewis Publishing (Stockport), Hoxton Mini Press (London), Imageless (Shanghai), Jane&Jeremy (Brighton), KEHRER VERLAG (Heidelberg), Overlapse (London), Schilt Publishing & Gallery (Amsterdam), Setanta Books (London), Stanley Barker (London).

Special Exhibitors

AUTOFOTO (London), Centre for British Photography (London), FOTOGRAFÍA MAROMA (Mexico), Hahnemuhle Student Award (Dassel), Kraszna-Krausz Foundation (London), LensCulture (Amsterdam), Nikon, Rocket Gallery (London).