UK photographer Brynley Odu Davies’ Artists, published by Trolley Books in collaboration with Guts Gallery, features a curated selection of his artist studio portraits, capturing the period from 2020 to 2023.

Born from unexpected circumstances, the project emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic when Brynley’s music photography career came to a halt. Taking daily walks in South London, he befriended local artists and started capturing their portraits in his studio. This spontaneous endeavour grew into a remarkable project as Brynley’s Instagram posts gained attention, leading to an extensive body of work.

Brynley’s photographs are taken with the central focus of being as natural and real as possible. Often taken in natural light with little to no editing, Brynley’s portraits are clean and classic; they aim to capture the absolute essence of their subject. In this way, Brynley’s photographs are empowering – they tell the story of an artist in that specific moment in time, both in their life and their artistic career.

By photographing artists across the UK, Brynley has created an extraordinary archive that provides a nationwide glimpse into the diverse creatives shaping the emerging art world. Going beyond established hubs, he aimed to create an inclusive record of the individuals contributing to the vibrant UK art scene. The resulting images reflect both the talent and the warm, inviting nature of the artists, drawing viewers into their creative spaces.

In addition to the artistic outcome, the project has forged profound relationships, with many subjects becoming close friends. Brynley’s genuine approach and respect for all artists have fostered an environment where young talents are equally valued. The portraits capture authenticity and intimacy, revealing the true essence of the artists.

Brynley’s project exemplifies the power of community, creativity, and the shared vision of shaping the future of the UK’s art landscape. Through diverse representation and a heartfelt approach, it stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of artistic expression. The book will serve as a definitive reference point for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. This publication is set to be released in December 2023, with an exhibition of artworks by featured artists at Guts Gallery.


Brynley Odu Davies
Foreword by Ell Pennick, Interview by Hector Campbell
Trolley books in collaboration with Guts Gallery, December 2023
Softcover, 208 pages
23.5 x 15 cm
RRP £25

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