Bastiaan Woudt

‘RHTYHM’ © Bastiaan Woudt.

After starting his career as a professional photographer 10 year ago, one of Bastiaan Woudt his biggest dreams of releasing a big collector’s book has become reality.

‘Rhythm’ is an assemblage of commissioned work and work from his private archive.

The book is a self-reflective document that was published by 1605 Publishers, Woudt’s own publishing house. He describes the process of selecting, post-producing and revisiting 10 years of such personal work during the pandemic as a cathartic experience. “My creative evolution, who I am today and where I’m headed as a photographer has now been encapsulated within exactly 500 pages.”

“My hope for this document is to not be considered the reflection of a time, moreover for it to be an ever-growing entity, which can be added onto and even re-published for years to come.” – Bastiaan Woudt


Bastiaan Woudt, Rhythm

1605 Publishers, 2021

Foreword: Merel Bem | Design: Bastiaan Woudt, Janneke Schrey

Hardcover, 2 cover options | 28,5 x 38 cm


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‘RHTYHM’, 1605 Publishers, 2021 © Bastiaan Woudt.

‘RHTYHM’ © Bastiaan Woudt.

‘RHTYHM’ © Bastiaan Woudt.

‘RHTYHM’ © Bastiaan Woudt.

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