Brian Griffin
Black Country Dada 

Brian Griffin Black Country Dada photography book

Brian in Albert Hall. © and Courtesy Brian Griffin.

Brian Griffin, Black Country Dada 

Designed and edited by Cafeteria

Limited edition 750 copies

255mm x 200mm | 220 pages | Hardback | English


Brian came to Cafeteria in September 2020 with a draft manuscript, around 300 photographs and the intention to drum up support through Kickstarter. It was all or nothing, so we threw ourselves into the challenge and have not looked back since.

Brian’s original idea for the book was to tell the story of his early career and the reality of trying to make it in photography. The story would take him from his college years to running a successful studio photographing the great and the good from show business to big business. As we got to know Brian we developed our new Black Country Dada visual language together. It’s been quite a collaboration with the book taking shape and finding its form intuitively and instinctively. We stuck to the story but as Brian will attest, we questioned and pushed and shaped and polished until it felt enough. And in spite of the challenges of working remotely and through a pandemic, it’s been a generous, moving and life-affirming experience.

Brian Griffin Black Country Dada photography book

Book cover, ‘Brian Griffin: Black Country Dada’, 2021.

Book spread, ‘Brian Griffin: Black Country Dada’, 2021.

Brian Griffin Black Country Dada photography book

Iggy Pop, ‘SOLDIER’. © and Courtesy Brian Griffin.

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