Julia Fullerton-Batten (Flexible Roxy, 2021), Collage, Prix Pictet /gestalten 2022


Fourteen years after the launch of the Prix Pictet comes Collage: Women of the Prix Pictet Since 2008. Inviting all women nominated for the prize since 2008 to submit recent work focusing on photography and sustainability, the 70 works by 64 female artists are a testament to the quality we have come to expect from this highly respected award. The final selection was made by the Head of Photography at The Guardian Fiona Sheilds, who joined this year’s award as the book’s Guest Editor. From solarised historic sights to metaphorical scenes shot in dappled light, critiques on modern American life to layering images with embroidery, the impressive collection of works reinforces the skill, artistry and imagination of its showcased artists.


© Alixandra Fazzina (Hargeisa, Somaliland Region of Somalia, 2018), Collage, gestalten 2022


Supporting essays and interviews add another layer of interest and inspiration for the reader. Alongside the foreword by Prix Pictet’s first female managing partner Elif Aktuğ, there is a rare interview with Graciela Iturbide, one of the most important photographers from Mexico. Photo London’s Co-Founder Michael Benson talks to Iturbide about her totemic photographs and love for literature. The transcript and images from Sally Mann’s Prix Pictet Laureate’s address, which she gave in Les Rencontres d’Arles, July 2022 is sure to pique the curiosity of any fascinated in the American photographer’s work, plus Financial Times Arts Editor Jan Dalley’s overview on women photographers throughout the Prix Pictet’s history is considered, revealing and thought-provoking.


Collage: Women of the Prix Pictet Since 2008
Prix Pictet
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