Coming and Going [Special Edition]

Courtesy of Artist and MACK

Coming and Going is Jim Goldberg’s unique work of autobiography. Since 1999, Goldberg has been photographing his daily life through all its vicissitudes and returning to his studio to re-imagine and investigate these images through a practice of collage, annotation, montage, and reconstruction for which he has become renowned. This book charts a course through the grief following the death of one’s parents, the life-altering birth of a child, the heartbreak of divorce, and the rediscovery of love. Told using a correspondingly tumultuous blend of singular and combined imagery, personal notes, collages, and ephemera, the book captures the bittersweet realities of an individual life while reflecting on the universal, inescapable comings and goings that shape us and the ways we grow to understand ourselves.

Courtesy of Artist and MACK

Familiar from celebrated works such as Rich and Poor (1985), Raised by Wolves (1995) and Open See (2009), Goldberg’s visual language employs sequence and narrative with a feverish intensity. History, memory, and imagination collide in a vividly material practice to which the influences of fiction and film, and the book form itself, are central. Coming and Going offers a fierce, vulnerable, and at times overwhelming account of a life and a search for the elusive universals of experience – an achievement that constitutes Goldberg’s masterwork and a significant contribution to contemporary bookmaking.

Courtesy of Artist and MACK

This special edition of Jim Goldberg’s seminal work of autobiography Coming and Going offers the chance to own a handmade artwork by one of the world’s foremost photographic artists rich in his unique visual language. The edition brings together a signed and numbered first edition of Coming and Going, housed in a printed clamshell case, with a signed and numbered handmade collage and a signed and numbered print. This expansive object is finished with a unique Polaroid by Goldberg, tipped into the interior of the clamshell case.

Courtesy of Artist and MACK


Edition of 150 copies.

Clamshell box containing:

– a signed first edition book

– a tipped-in unique Polaroid

– a collage (50 x 30cm / 1911⁄16 x 1113⁄16)

– a signed and numbered print (26.5 x 33cm / 101⁄2 x 13″)

Coming and Going
Jim Goldberg
Special Edition of 150
Mack Books, December 2023
Clamshell box with book, polaroid, collage, and print
50.8 x 30.5 cm
RRP £1,100

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