Confined Artists – Free Spirits: Portraits & Interviews from Lockdown 2020

“164 artists; 164 FaceTime and WhatsApp portraits and diary entries; 90 days in duration. 48 cities and 25 countries. This is the backdrop to the daily dialogue I had with the artists, between 1st April and 1st July, 2020, across Europe and Africa, the US, South America, Asia and the Middle East from my home… at a time when humanity had no choice but to stop and take a pause, as we all fought the same invisible force – each one us, with a different perspective.”

– Maryam Eisler



“This book is dangerous! Like 21st century miniatures, each of Maryam Eisler’s portraits are contained within the frame of the mobile phone. Each tiny screen shot is a portal into the world of the artist.  We see glimpses of homes and studios that had also become spaces of confinement during the pandemic of 2020. … Eisler also elicits their ideas, philosophies, and survival strategies in what is a unique art historical record. Once you start reading it is impossible to stop. Embracing different generations and geographies, this epic survey is a definitive survey of the artists of our time, at once personal, political, and poetic.”

– Iwona Blazwick

Confined Artists – Free Spirits: Portraits & Interviews from Lockdown 2020
Photographs and interviews by Maryam Eisler
Edition of 750
Self-published, 2023
Hardback, 360 pages
23 x 13 cm
RRP £25

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