Hueism is a panoramic journey through the vibrant chromatic world of photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng. Unfolding like a semantic colour index, this book guides you through the poetic palette of his art, exploring shades like yellow, green, red, and blue. Featured artworks are juxtaposed with the traditional African proverbs and poems that sparked their creation, providing unprecedented insight into his creative process. Hueism offers a compelling glimpse into Boateng’s unique artistic vision, inviting you to join him in his vivid celebration of Africa’s colourful heritage.

Derrick Ofosu Boateng (Accra, 1998) is an autodidactic fine art photographer inspired by the wisdom of African proverbs and the richness of the continent, creating vibrant images that veer between visual poetry and conceptual art. Boateng employs his unique chromatic language, stark silhouettes, and ancient storytelling to challenge negative and limited perceptions of Africa. Since the onset of his artistic path, his photography and post-production have been entirely iPhone-based. Boateng’s work brims with energy, colour and most of all joy. Derrick coined the term ‘Hueism’ to advocate for a larger African Art movement. Distinguished clients and subjects include Naomi Campbell, Louis Vuitton, and Common.

Limited to a print run of 1000 copies, Hueism offers an intimate look into the depths of Boateng’s imaginative world and colourful lens, allowing the reader to experience his work from a new perspective. Exclusively available via Homecoming Gallery, select museums and bookstores, Hueism comes in 4 different cover designs.

Derrick Ofosu Boateng
Homecoming Gallery, October 2023
Hardback / linen-bound, 208 pages, four different designed collectible covers
33 x 23 cm
RRP €99

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