When new technologies replace old, it engenders a feeling that we call nostalgia. We hark back regretfully to something that we may now find somewhat clumsy and old-fashioned in comparison with the new, but the rituals and habits associated with it take on new meaning because they remind us of what is familiar and safe. © Clay Banks / Unsplash.

A volume full of revolutions: Vinyl World

From a recording medium to a cult object – this book will thrill fans of music and vintage items. Editor Thomas Hauffe and author Markus Caspers show us how those black pressed discs came to be, and how they evolved from a music storage device sold in record stores to a DJ’s best friend, sharing entertaining stories about albums both rare and popular along the way.

The origin story of the vinyl record is a long one. Its march to triumph spans several centuries – and it’s not over yet! This is understandable, because the “record,” as most people call it, is both evergreen and an anachronism; it’s so much more than a simple, round, (usually) black disc. It doesn’t just play music; it is also a loyal companion to music fans from all walks of life. It’s a tool of the trade for DJs that can also transport emotions around the world. Some LPs have become collector’s items commanding ever-higher prices, such as the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Vinyl World is a must-have volume about humanity’s “black gold” that connects the history of pop culture, culture, media, and technology, with contributions from graphic design, retromania, and nostalgia. Fans and music aficionados can learn everything worth knowing about records: take a trip to a pressing plant and see how a lump of vinyl becomes a finished record. Learn how the record changed the way people experienced music and what technical refinements paved the way to its popularity. Stories on passionate collectors, the special cover art on many albums, and the legendary movie scenes involving records round out the picture and show the significance of records as a medium. Enjoy a peek into the vinyl lifestyle in record shops and record bars all over the world. This book is a celebration of the passion and perfection that allows people to lose themselves in the sounds of the most remarkable records.


Te Neues, 2021

Editor: Dr. Thomas Hauffe

Text and design by Prof. Dr. Markus Caspers

23.5x30cm/91/4 x114/5 in.

208 pages, hardcover, 173 color, and 25 black-and-white photographs

Text: German, English


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Vinyl World – You Spin Me Right Round, published by teNeues Verlag, October 2021, texts by Markus Caspers, edited by Thomas Hauffe. © teNeues Verlag GmbH.

Vinyl’s world is made up of the physical: images, artwork and packaging, the equipment you need to play it on, and the knowledge that, in choosing a track you are celebrating a moment of self-determined enjoyment. © John Tyson / Unsplash.

Vinyl World tracks a global lifestyle trend that has left no generation untouched and that, contrary to premature reports of vinyl’s demise, is still alive and well in clubs and in people’s homes. © Markus Caspers