XL Photography 7: Art Collection Deutsche Börse

New acquisitions from one of the most important collections of contemporary photography in Europe

Courtesy of Kehrer Verlag / Art Collection Deutsche Börse

The Art Collection Deutsche Börse is among the world’s most renowned collections of contemporary photography internationally. The in 1999 founded collection is dedicated to photography since the mid-20th century and by now comprises more than 2,300 works by around 160 artists from 33 countries. The visual languages represented are as diverse as the background, age, or artistic method of the photographers, ranging from documentary to conceptual approaches. Each position offers its own perspective on the central theme of the Art Collection, the “conditio humana”, the exploration of the conditions of human existence and its position in the world.

Courtesy of Kehrer Verlag / Art Collection Deutsche Börse

For the 25th anniversary of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse XL Photography 7 presents 22 new acquisitions from the last five years, who deal with challenges in politics and society.

From the Preface by Theodor Weimar, CEO of the Deutsche Börse AG:

At that time, Deutsche Börse decided to make its contribution to innovative culture as a corporate citizen. We started to collect photographs, supporting especially young, avant-garde artists ever since. Often, these images bring motifs into focus that we would rather ignore. For us, these were good reasons to collect and exhibit the works of artists who look out into the world with a keen camera eye – and this still holds today.”

Courtesy of Kehrer Verlag / Art Collection Deutsche Börse

From the Introduction by Anne-Marie Beckmann, Director of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation:

The spectrum of topics artists address and reflect on in their work is steadily expanding, primarily due to social and political developments and shifts. New pictorial languages emerge, combined with a heightened awareness of the artists’ perspectives and the context in which they place their subjects, as well as of the greater inclusion of social groups that were previously given less consideration.

[…] In an ongoing learning process, we have to identify ‘blind spots’ and constantly expand our own horizons. That can only succeed in dialogue – which is why this is one of three key topics we are particularly committed to in 2024, the anniversary year of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse, and which define our programme: col- laboration, dialogue and diversity.

Courtesy of Kehrer Verlag / Art Collection Deutsche Börse

Verdiana Albano, Christian Borchert, Daniel Castro Garcia, Ale- jandro Cartagena, Larry Clark, Maisie Cousins, Sylvain Couzinet- Jacques, Harry Gruyaert, Anton Kusters, Ute and Werner Mahler, Cristina de Middel, Philip Montgomery, Anders Petersen, Mimi Plumb, Anastasia Samoylova, Jamel Shabazz, Christine Spengler, Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse, Hayahisa Tomiyasu, Henry Wessel, Tom Wood, Ulrich Wüst.

25 Years of Art Collection Deutsche Börse
Deutsche Börse AG, The Cube, Eschborn, Germany 10.10.2024–19.01.2025

XL Photography 7: Art Collection Deutsche Börse
Edited by Deutsche Börse AG
Designed by Kehrer Design and Hannah Feldmeier, Leipzig Texts by Anne-Marie Beckmann, Volker Hille, Alexandra König, Cornelia Sieber
Kehrer Verlag, March 2024
Half-cloth hardcover, 188 pages, 133 colour and duplex ills.
English / German
30 x 30 cm
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