British Journal of Photography has partnered with Photo London 2017


The British Journal of Photography has partnered with Photo London 2017


Established in 1854, British Journal of Photography is the world’s longest-running photography magazine, placing an emphasis on innovation and invention; the concepts and creative processes that inspire those rare photographs that have the power to grab and hold your attention. Unlike other photography magazines, who have a tendency to focus on the latest gear and equipment, the British Journal of Photography pride themselves on showcasing work from photographers all over the globe with different themed issues every month.

In their latest issue ‘Female Gaze’ the team focus on new perspectives from the selfie generation. Charlotte Jansen considers a new generation of female photographers who make women their subject. Zuza Krajewska goes inside a prison for young male offenders. Endia Beal addresses themes of race, gender and corporate culture. And Laia Abril uncovers secret histories in her wide-ranging examination of misogyny.

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