Cancelled: An-My Lê

Saturday 19 May 2018
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Talks Auditorium, Somerset House

An-My Lê, Film Set (“Free State of Jones”), Battle of Corinth, Bush, Louisiana, 2015. Courtesy of STXfilms

Join An-My Lê, one of America’s leading contemporary photographers, for a conversation with curator Kate Bush. An-My Lê’s photographs and films examine the impact, consequences, and representation of war. Whether in colour or black-and-white, her pictures frame a tension between the natural landscape and its violent transformation into sites of battle, whether real or imaginary. Projects include Viêt Nam (1994–98), in which Lê’s memories of a war-torn countryside are reconciled with the contemporary landscape; Small Wars (1999–2002), in which Lê photographed and participated in Vietnam War re-enactments in Virginia and North Carolina; and 29 Palms (2003–04), in which United States Marines preparing for deployment play-act scenarios in a virtual Middle East in the California desert. Events Ashore, the culmination of Lê’s 9-year exploration of the US navy and its activities across the world, was published by Aperture in 2014. An-My Lê will also discuss the development of her new work, Silent General which premiered at last year’s Whitney Biennial.

An-My Lê is an American-Vietnamese photographer who lives and works in New York

Kate Bush is Adjunct Curator of Photography at Tate Britain.



Sorry this talk has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

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