Ben Thomas

Friday 17 May 2019
4:00 pm -
Ground Floor – Courtyard Pavilion (G)

Hasselblad Masters Volume 6: Innovate is an artistic testament to the winners of the 2018 Hasselblad Masters competition, showcasing each photographer’s passion and individual creativity in striking full-page format. Upon receiving the prestigious Hasselblad Master title, the winners were assigned a challenge to create images in their respective expertise with Hasselblad medium format cameras. Connected by the unifying theme of "innovate", the stunning results include sublime pastel landscapes of the Southwestern United States, fine art scenes set against stark Slovak architecture, poetic Scandinavian portraits, and more. Among the pages of impressive photos are passages from each photographer reflecting on their experience with the project, along with their biography, inspirations, and impressions on becoming a Hasselblad Master.