Between Reality and Fiction by Javier Molina

Thursday 12 May 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Somerset House
D25 - Albumen Gallery
Mezzanine - Discovery Section (D)

Javier Molina’s photography covers a range of styles and thematic approaches. But he regularly returns to Landscape photography fascinated by the transient nature in which landscape affects us – both reflecting and setting moods. Javier Molina lives in London, but regularly returns to Bolivia for his work. In his Bolivian landscape photography he retraces the lives and places of his family and ancestors. Javier Molina’s landscapes are permeated by a sense of magic realism – a stylistic element that is frequently associated with Latin American literature. For Javier Molina the actual landscape is just a starting point. Notwithstanding the minutious detail captured by his camera the photos transcend the bounds of ‘here & now’ reality. They become a vehicle transporting the viewer sending them on a journey exploring the spirit of the country of Javier Molina’s ancestors.