Book Signing: Branko Lenart

Saturday 18 May 2024
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Photon Gallery, West Wing, W06


The artistic cycle Hand:Work (1975 – 2010), collected in this artist book originates from two different periods of Branko Lenarts artistic career and it is a testimony of an exceptionally important, central and broad “work in progress” series produced in two separated stages; the first from mid-1970s at the completion of his educational sciences studies, whilst the second refers to his post-2002 activity when the concept of artists outright presence in the artwork gained fresh impetus through new ideas. The broad Hand:Work (1975 – 2010) series represents a special line of artistic endeavour which – rather than frequently expressed documentary and feature photography – addresses the conceptualist manner of questioning the basic postulates of art as an integral part of life.

Lenart is an internationally renowned photographer, who has widely travelled across the world ever since his youth. He attended various artist residencies like Apeiron Workshops in Millerton, New York, La Rochelle in Arles, France, and others in Oxford, Rome, Paris and London. His oeuvre sits between documentary and conceptual art photography. He dedicated his attention to the margins of society, be it the members of urban counter-cultures at the time or to the social conditions in the country and the peripheries. This genre of photography became to be known as “subjective topography”.


Author: Branko Lenart
Publisher: Edition Keiper
Year: 2018
Hardcover, 120 pages
Language: German, English
Dimensions: 24,5×30cm
ISBN: 978-3-903144-54-5

Price: £30