Book Signing: Chloé Jafé

Saturday 18 May 2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Écho 119, Discovery, D05

From her 7 years in Japan (2013-2019), Chloé Jafé has brought back images revealing an unprecedented vision of an opaque country.

Her SAKASA trilogy, comprising the chapters “I give you my life”, “Okinawa mon amour” and “How I met Jiro”, highlights the little-known and subversive aspects of an archipelago where modesty is de rigueur.

Chloé Jafé had planned to produce a multimedia work on women in the Japanese mafia. It was only after learning Japanese and immersing herself fully in Japanese culture, particularly that of the ‘Yakuza’, that she was able to complete this project, 6 years later. During this latent period, she discovered the island of Okinawa. Her sentimental wanderings took the form of a diary, which 4 years later became “Okinawa mon amour”, the second volume of her trilogy. Then, in 2018, in the Nishinari district of Osaka, she found herself confronted with another Japan. It was then that she began planning the third part of her trilogy.