Book Signing: Diane Tuft

Wednesday 15 May 2024
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Leila Heller Gallery, Exhibitor East Wing, G07

Since 1998, mixed-media artist Diane Tuft has traveled the world recording the environmental factors shaping the Earth’s

changing landscape. Entropy, Tuft’s fourth monograph, focuses specifically on water and its radical transformation under the

unrelenting pressures of climate change. Featuring an exquisite selection of photographs and haikus woven throughout, this

book provides a startling yet captivating glimpse into the beauty we stand to lose. Encompassing science, aesthetics, and a

dramatic call to action, Entropy highlights coastal regions across the globe that are imminently threatened or already impacted

by sea-level rise, from the Florida Keys and Bangladesh to the Chesapeake Bay and the Marshall Islands. To juxtapose her

haunting images of coastline deterioration and flooding, Tuft also chronicles the current state of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, whose

water is rapidly depleting and desertifying.