Book Signing: Olaf Heine

Friday 17 May 2024
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
CAMERA WORK Gallery, South Wing, A02

Olaf Heine is an essayist of our time, whose body of work is characterized by intricately composed narratives. This includes his observations of the Hawaiian Islands, which the internationally renowned artist has been photographically documenting in an unprecedented variety for many years. In doing so, he captures the ocean as the architect of these eight islands, defining the rhythm of life for its inhabitants.

The complexity of this interplay is evident in Heine’s works; in addition to clear nature photography, he also addresses socio-relevant aspects, resulting in a holistic perspective on Hawaii. Tradition and everyday life, as well as seemingly untouched nature and human influence, are reflected as omnipresent contrasts and unified through Heine’s clear visual language.

With the book Hawai’i, the artist has created an allegory of the region’s way of life. The book (272 pages, 150 photographs) was recently published and is considered the first major art monograph on Hawaii.