Booth Event – Artist Talk: Birgit Naomi Glatzel

Thursday 16 May 2024
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
nüü, Discovery, D16

Birgit Naomi Glatzel will talk about her project “a friend is a friend of a friend” which she started in June 1998 and which led her from Berlin around the globe to friends, their friends and friends of their friends. The artistic method is nearly classical: all portraits are handheld shots made with a vintage Rolleiflex 6 x 6 camera, model 1937. She spends a day with the friends she meets and takes photographs of them in their everyday surroundings, preferably their apartments. 340 people from 40 cities and 19 countries are part of the net and have been preserved on film. At Photo London we present one “line” of friends as well as the art book created for the project. In addition, the project will continue into the present: Birgit will start taking Polaroids of friends in Berlin and continue the line to London. Current pictures will then complement the line and lead into the next generation and future.