Booth Event – Artist Talk: Derrick Santini

Thursday 16 May 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
JG Contemporary, First Floor, F06

Naneh Cherry by Derrick Santini, 1996


Self-Made is a collection of portraits of cultural icons from different generations and backgrounds, by Scarborough-born photographer Derrick Santini, to accompany his exhibition which opens at Scarborough Art Gallery on the 18th May. The talk will highlight a collection of portraits of some of the most celebrated personalities from the worlds of art, fashion, music and film.
Self-Made not only refers to Derrick’s own story but also the lives, passion and motivation that lead to the success of his sitters as through Santini’s lens he showcases the unique and inspiring individuals who have contributed significantly to British culture and made their mark in, and on, Britain.  Derrick has been working on this collection of admiration and celebration for individuals for over 30 years of portraiture and will continue the collection as Self Made individuals continue to inspire him.