Embrace by Rohina Hoffman

Saturday 13 May 2023
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Schilt Publishing & Gallery, P12, Publishers

Eggplant for baingan bharta © Rohina Hoffman

Isolated in the confinements of her Los Angeles home during the covid lockdown, Rohina Hoffman takes a metaphorical journey of connecting her roots to food through the rituals of daily meals.

In Embrace she combines two photographic projects. In Gratitude showcases the food she used to make dinners for her family. Generation 1.75 is a visual memoir of identity, belonging, and the complexities of acculturation.
The photographs of food and family are seasoned with Hoffman’s poetry. Her essay, ‘Not All Peacocks are Blue’, published in English and Hindi, provides a deeper look into the photographer’s background and serves as a bridge between the two projects. Embrace is a visual examination of how life’s simple pleasures expand the quality of human existence and how that expansion helps an individual to secure their identity.