Floridas by David Campany and Anastasia Samoylova

Friday 13 May 2022
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Somerset House
W17 - Thames & Hudson
Ground Floor – West Wing (C)

Following their talk, artist Anastasia Samoylova and writer, curator, artist, and educator David Campany will be signing copies of the book at the Thames & Hudson stand, along with other previous publications. With forms of nature and culture found nowhere else, Florida is unique and among the most elusive and misunderstood of places. Anastasia Samoylova photographs Florida on intensive road trips. Walker Evans (1903–75) photographed it over four decades. Twisting the visual clichés, these two remarkably discerning observers convey Florida’s dizzying combination of fantasy and reality. In Floridas, photographs by Samoylova and Evans are presented in parallel, weaving past and present, switching between black-and-white and color imagery. Florida is as fascinating as it is deceptive, a place deep complexity. […] Florida cannot be explained but these smart and playful photographers are the perfect guides to the puzzle. - David Campany