House Hunting, Outskirts by Todd Hido

Thursday 12 May 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Somerset House
P2 - Setanta Books
Ground Floor – Publishers Area (P)

House Hunting is, on the one hand, a portrait of a certain America at that specific moment in history: this is an economically downtrodden place, dark and empty homes with the dirty laundry barely packed, or homes with the lights on but radiating no warmth. Simultaneously, this is a portrait of America — and specifically, suburban America — from any contemporary post-war decade: a raw look at white paint chipping off of picket fences. A newly remastered edition of Todd Hido’s iconic and long-out-of-print second monograph, Outskirts. Printed on heavy weight matte art paper, our new printing of Outskirts surpasses the original printing with more accurate color rendition and subtle nuances in tone and saturation. It will be an important addition to libraries and collections lacking access to the elusive 2002 edition, which itself solidified Hido’s position in the art world following on the heels of his groundbreaking first monograph, House Hunting.