I like you, I like you a lot by Alicja Dobrucka

Saturday 14 May 2022
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Somerset House
P4 - Kehrer Verlag
Ground Floor – Publishers Area (P)

"I like you, I like you a lot" is a personal work about family and the experience of death and mourning. It responds to the tragic loss of the photographer’s 13-year-old brother Maks, who drowned while on a scout’s trip in 2008 in Poland. The pictures reveal the sequence of events in the aftermath of the tragedy. Maks and his friends were the first generation to grow up under the changing culture when Communism ended in 1990 and Poland opened its borders to a flood of Western products and ideals. Alicja Dobrucka’s camera witnesses how they were enthralled by Western and especially American archetypes.