MACK First Book Award

Saturday 20 May 2017
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
On Booth P-1 - MACK

The First Book Award is a photography publishing prize open to photographers who have not previously had a book published by a third party publishing house (this does not include self-published print on demand projects).

The award was established in 2012 to support emerging photographers. The call for submissions emphasises a predilection for projects conceived in book form: works that find a voice through the book. The award is not an open submission. Each year, a diverse array of international nominators are asked to recommend suitable projects.

Previous winners include:

2017: Nothing’s in Vain by Emmanuelle Andrianjafy
2016: The Swamp by Sofia Borges
2015: I went to the worst of bars… by Ciarán Óg Arnold