Mandy Barker

Saturday 19 May 2018
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
East Wing - F5
F05 East Wing
First Floor (F)

Beyond Drifting: imperfectly known animals "Ophelia medustica" 2015

Beyond Drifting: imperfectly known animals
Mandy Barker - Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals encapsulates in miniature the much larger environmental problems of an imperfect world. A unique collection of plankton specimens related to pioneering discoveries made by naturalist John Vaughan Thompson in Cork Harbour, Ireland during the 1800s. These specimens are deceptive, however, and mysteriously conceal their true origin.

Exhibited by East Wing / Doha for Photo London 2018, Mandy’s research interprets the global pandemic of plastic waste invading our seas and coastlines - accumulating at a shocking short time frame - this undeniable blight is a threat to our civilisation. Beyond Drifting was shortlisted for the Prix Pictet SPACE in 2017.