Nikon Presents: Kaizen – A journey of continuous improvement by Jeaniq Amihyia

Saturday 14 May 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Screening Room, Somerset House

Jeaniq lives by a simple mantra ‘Kaizen’ – a Japanese motivational method translating to ‘Continuous improvement’. In this talk Jeaniq will take listeners on a journey through his career and how he has implemented this mantra into the essence of his work.

Please note, talk tickets do not include admission to the Fair, you must have a day ticket to attend the talk.


Jeaniq Amihyia

Jeaniq is a London based Director & Photographer. Initially, he directed music videos for artists such as Santandave, AJ Tracey, Young T & Bugsey and others before moving into commercial promo work.  With a client list including Nike, Adidas, Selfridges, Clarks, Netflix, Google, Playstation and Havana Club, Jeaniq is well versed in his craft, creating unique pieces of art for varied audiences.

Notable achievements include his introduction into documentary work with the release of the Top Boy Legacy documentary. The Netflix special charted the evolution of Top Boy, from Drake’s fandom to the upcoming series and its exploration of London culture