Nikon Presents: Roza Wiktoria Tyborowska – Colour Study as a Journey Into Self-Awareness

Sunday 19 May 2024
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Screening Room


Heavily inspired by expressionism, experimental theatre and German opera, Polish artist and photographer Róza Wiktoria Tyborowska shares valuable insights into her ongoing artistic exploration of the significance of colour, and how its role extends beyond design details or aesthetic choice.

“When I first started out in photography, I was making decisions without really understanding why I was making them. It was like having a magic wand that somehow always led me to the perfect final version of my photos. But then, I started asking myself some questions Why was I always more drawn to the ‘dark side of the moon’? Why did I always go for muted, cold colours instead of vibrant, warm ones? Why did my imagination always dream up huge, fantastical silhouettes that were blurry and uncertain? These questions pushed me to start exploring all sorts of things, from philosophy and physics to theatre and colour psychology. Suddenly, photography, became a journey into self-awareness. It became a therapeutic practice and a voyage into the unknown corners of my own mind. In my upcoming presentation, I aim
to share the valuable insights I have gleaned thus far. I will delve deeper into the significance of colour and how its role extends beyond being only design details or aesthetic choice. Colour acts as a unifying force, bridging the gap between the natural world and our cultural constructs, between our experiences, memories and emotions and our understanding of them.” – Róza Wiktoria Tyborowska

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Roza Wiktoria Tyborowska

Roza Wiktoria Tyborowska is a polish artist, photographer based between London and Paris.
She is heavily inspired by expressionism, experimental theatre and German opera.
She primarily shoots on medium and large format film cameras. Her work is underlined by a strong focus on process, discovering multiple dark room and sun printing techniques such as carbon printing cyanotype, collodion, solarization and mixing them with digital, modern tools that impose new possibilities to create a world which is truly her own.
Roza is a contributor at Vogue Portugal and  Numèro Netherlands. She photographed for Dior, Evening Standard, Jo Adeo, Clash and Gabriels.