Nocturno by Andrej Lamut

Thursday 12 May 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Somerset House
E13 - Galerija Fotografija
Ground Floor – East Wing (B)

The work is based on Lamut's research of performative acts and photography. He states that with the movements during the act of photographing, as well as with the attitude towards the photographic material and the method of work (i.e. with performative acts) a creator enters certain elements in his or her work which bear an artistic value and represent an aesthetic experience. The carrier of the meaning is therefore not something that exists outside a photograph and is merely reproduced in it, but the form/scope of a photograph itself, the truth of which is revealed through the performative creative process. Nokturno is a concretization of the ambiguity of photography – photography that has renounced both a demand to be a truthful imitation of an objective external reality, as well as a demand for the projection of a creator’s inner experience on the object of representation.