Rankin: Eyescape

Thursday 14 May - Sunday 17 May 2020
Nelson staircase, Somerset House
Strand, London WC2R 1LA

Rankin, from the ‘Eyescape’ series.

Fascinated by eyes throughout his career, Rankin’s Eyescape series has seen him photograph in extreme close-up and intimate detail the irises of models and celebrities, including the eyes of Heidi Klum, Seal, and supermodel Kate Moss for the auction house Christie’s in 2012. For two days during the Fair (13 and 14 May) Rankin will install a temporary studio and invite visitors to experience a Rankin photoshoot to create a photograph of their own iris. These works map your eye to produce unique and profoundly individual portraits. Every sitter will receive a 1080×1080 px image of their Rankin Eyescape for free – supplied ready to be uploaded to social media. Slots are booked in advance with a limited number of drop-in places available throughout the day.