Shen Wei – Undefined time of intuition

Thursday 17 May 2018
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
On Gallery - D24
Mezzanine - Discovery Section (D)

Undefined time of intuition - Shen Wei

Undefined Time of Intuition
The moments are seized in the incessant course of time as secret questions are asked of the one who looks silently on the rendition of the fusion of two bodies, the tensions and the resolutions throughout our last gaze on this knowledge that would forever belong to others. Shen Wei travels through this vast motionless world that is nevertheless realistically surveyed. In the wake of his fortuitous encounters, he seizes the opportunity to know what constitutes our humanity. His way of fragility and uncertainty found in his photographs creates moments in which he holds evidences of an existential quest that will always end up finding us.

This catalogue is published to coincide with the exhibition from 3rd February to 11th March, 2018 in ON/gallery Beijing. Limited Edition to 100 copies, numbered and sealed by the artist.