Sohei Nishino: London Map Diorama

Thursday 21 May - Sunday 24 May 2015
Stamp Staircase

Nishino’s large-scale dioramas are the result o­f an elaborate process. For each intricate project, Nishino photographs a city f­rom every possible angle over the course of­ several months. Thousands of­ exposures are assembled into a diorama that forms a dense and compacted photographic map of­ the city. Frame by ­frame the photographer works through the city’s streets, meticulously producing a collage that is a journey of its own.

A special installation of­ Nishino’s diorama o­f London was presented as part of Photo London 2015. The London diorama was sectioned and divided into approximately 1,000 prints, each measuring 10 x 16 cm. Participants could choose to purchase 10 o­f these prints to be housed in a custom-made box. Each o­f the prints was unique so as sections of­ the diorama were selected, they were removed f­rom the installation.

The exhibition was a Photo London commission, and was viewable to all visitors with a Photo London 2015 ticket.