The Dreaming by Ogawa Yasuhiro

Friday 12 May 2023
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Blue Lotus Gallery, F11, First Floor

© Yasuhiro Ogawa, ‘The Dreaming #10’, Guatemala, 1997, courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

The Dreaming by Yasuhiro Ogawa, was first published in 2020 comprising a collection of black and white photographs, shot during his travels throughout Asia over the past 30 years. Ogawa visited China (including Tibet), Myanmar, India, Cambodia and Latin America. For the artist, revisiting his negatives during timed of lockdowns and restricted travel, felt like reliving an old dream indeed.

The beauty of Ogawa’s work lies in the emotional quality reflecting the act of travelling itself; the sensation of freedom, longing and waiting, the sweet boredom of a long train journey or simply feeling alive. Ogawa captures the world as otherworldly and fascinating as it can truly be. The Dreaming (current third edition published by Sokyusha/ Blue Lotus Editions) topped the charts as bestseller#1 in the online book-selling platform UK ‘Photobook Store UK’ in 2020.