The Magic Lantern Show

Thursday 19 May - Sunday 22 May 2016

For 2016 the spooky Deadhouse beneath Somerset House opened up for daytime visitors to experience as a unique exhibition venue, hosting a curated exhibition of street photography including works by Matt Stuart, with additional projections of work by Marina Sersale, Bredun Edwards and The Lurkers.

A programme of live music events taking place after hours was also hosted in the exhibition space, where this experimental environment explored the relationship between music and photography with the depiction of London serving as thematic inspiration for music.

Citing Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Tony Ray-Jones among his influences, Matt Stuart’s uncanny shots of genuine but thought-provoking urban moments observe people and the way they live their lives in and around the city. Bredun Edwards and Marina Sersale both use an iPhone to capture images that address the evolution of photography, through demonstrating the new-found immediacy available to modern day practitioners using the platforms of social media to share their work with a large audience. The Lurkers are a London based collective that document and create work in some of the most interesting and overlooked corners of the capital and beyond.

The Magic Lantern Show explored diverse responses to London together in a unique multi-media exhibition, the first of its kind in the subterranean space.



Matt Stuart 2  Matt Stuart 5

Matt Stuart 3  Matt Stuart 4

All images copyright Matt Stuart.