These Americans by Will Vogt

Saturday 13 May 2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Schilt Publishing & Gallery, P12, Publishers

Photography has a long, complicated history of documenting the underprivileged, but rarely, if ever, do we see the privileged in the same unvarnished light. For the past 50 years, while pursuing careers in oil and gas, hunting and ranching, Will Vogt has been photographing his social circle. His images of family and friends — mainly shot in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, his ranch in South Texas, and the places he frequents such as hunting estates in the UK — offer a raw glimpse into an American upper class that is inaccessible to most and remarkably unchanged by contemporary society. These Americans — edited by photographers Jennifer Garza-Cuen and Jordan Baumgarten — is an intimate depiction of one man’s life and a revealing portrait of American elites from 1969 to 1996.