Vanuatu by Bernard Sabrier

Friday 13 May 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Somerset House
W17 - Thames & Hudson
Ground Floor – West Wing (C)

As a child Bernard Sabrier was given a map of the Pacific by his father, and since then the archipelago of Vanuatu has remained in his imagination. Forty years later, he travelled to Vanuatu and this book documents his experiences. His candid images depict the natives with which Sabrier has formed personal bonds, and the realisation of a childhood dream in an open-eyed, non-patronizing way. Bernard Sabrier was born to Franco-Russian parents in Casablanca in 1953 and as a child intended to become a war photographer. Sabrier has a particular interest in photographing the cultures of the Pacific. He will be signing his book Vanuatu at the Thames & Hudson stand.