Walter & Zoniel RAINBOWCAM

Wednesday 11 May - Sunday 15 May 2022
Somerset House
Discovery section booth SP3

Walter & Zoniel’s public artwork is situated in the Discovery section of Photo London, where it is free for all to experiment and play with.

With WZ.RAINBOWCAM, the artists bridge the two sides of their multimedia practice. They are known for both their conceptual photography artworks and immersive public installations, which the WZ.RAINBOWCAM weaves together in a colourful interactive camera installation.

The giant-format box camera plays with the photographic medium, inviting you to capture yourself visually using a wall of multi-coloured scanners. Images are recorded using flatbed scanners and sewn together as an abstracted collage — with a nod to the Hockney Joiner.

WALTER & ZONIEL — EXPLORING THE PORTRAIT is exhibited in the alcove next to the interactive installation. It provides a deeper look into the artists’ many processes and how they have used portraiture as a means to explore deeper themes.


Photo Credit: WZ.RAINBOWCAM output image users receive (left) and installation in use in 2019 (right)