Walter & Zoniel: The Untouched

Thursday 19 May 2016
Stamp Staircase
South Wing, Somerset House

Artist duo Walter & Zoniel made photographic art history at Photo London 2016 by creating the largest tintype in the world made as a live event. The Untouched series saw the artistic duo pushing the boundaries of an age-old photographic process with the sheer scale of this project. For Photo London they captured life-size portraits of British icons upon a giant sheet of metal, requiring the subject to sit for as long as 30 seconds without moving. In collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum and  Gazelli Art House, the artists transformed the Deadhouse of Somerset House into a huge camera to begin shooting the series, with the resulting artwork on display during the Fair.



Walter & Zoniel, Alpha-Ation ‘Tinie’, 2015
© Walter & Zoniel, 2015, Courtesy of Gazelli Art House