Wei Bi

Friday 18 May 2018
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
See+ - G14
Ground Floor – Terrace Rooms (A)


WEI Bi had studied Chinese calligraphy since his childhood and was proficient in various writing styles, such as Dazhuan, Xiaozhuan, Lishu, Caoshu, Kaishu, and Xingshu. He organically applied this ancient Chinese character art to his contemporary works. When he printed the photo scanned from the film on rice paper, he used his exquisite calligraphy to write his own story on rice paper and integrate it with the photos to complement each other and become an inseparable part. Then, using traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy to decorate the craft and holding it on a larger paper, these works filled with the warmth and mystery of the author will eventually be assembled as a whole, as Rare books in ancient China.