Wolfgang Tillmans: Between Bridges

Thursday 19 May - Sunday 22 May 2016
Somerset House

Alarmed by rise of anti EU sentiment brewing in the UK and elsewhere across Europe and by a ‘Remain’ campaign that ‘feels like it is only campaigning on economic issues and lacks passion’ the artist Wolfgang Tillmans made 26 ready-to-print posters that alerted people to the seriousness of the choice before them. ‘I feel that we have reached a critical moment that could prove to be a turning point for Europe as we know and enjoy it – one that might result in a cascade of problematic consequences and political fall-out….Brexit could effectively spell the end of the EU. It’s a awed and problematic institution, but on the whole it stands for a democratic worldview, human rights and favours cooperation over confrontation. This could prove to be a once-in-a-generation moment’.

Visit Tillman’s website to learn more.


Tillmans crop