Arturo Delgado
Colima 101PB
Colonia Roma Norte
Mexico City
Exhibited artists
Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio
Jesús León
Tania Franco-Klein
Danila Tkachenko

With a space to exhibit and sale limited editions of established and emerging artists from Mexico and abroad, ALMANAQUE focuses in works exploring contemporary manifestations on photography as an artistic dispositive.

ALMANAQUE has exhibited oeuvre by Roger Ballen (USA), Ben de Biel (GR), Fabiola Menchelli (MX), Ricardo Nicolayveysky (MX), Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio (MX), Heji-Shin (SK), Danila Tkachenko (RU) and other internationally awarded artists in collective curated by Corina Koch (GR), Aurélie Vandewynckele (FR) and his founder Arturo Delgado (MX).

Since ALMANAQUEs opening, the project has captured the interest of specialized media, and has participated in Mexico’s premieres art fairs: Zona Maco Photo 2016 & 2017, Material Art Fair 2017 as well as Photo Basel Switzerland. ALMANAQUE has been reviewed by The Guardian, Wide Walls UK, El Pais España, almost every Mexican newspapers, Terremoto, Vogue Mexico and Interni Italy among many others.

Through the division: Almanaque-Portafolio, the project offers professional consulting on curatorial services, art direction, as well as classic and contemporary photography collector-advice to individuals, corporations and institutions including Casa Palacio de Hierro, Centro de la Imagen, Museo de Arte Moderno, among others.

ALMANAQUE was founded by Arturo Delgado, ex-Cultural Diplomat, he was Cultural Attache of Mexico to Australia presenting the Bicentennial of the Independence arts program of activities, he was Head of Centro Cultural del Bosque of the National Fine Arts Institute of Mexico and has been a contemporary art promoter and producer, college teacher and author.