Timothy Persons
Lindenstraße 34
Exhibited artists
Grey Crawford
Hilla Kurki
Niko Luoma
Santeri Tuori

Gallery Taik Persons is a contemporary art gallery representing established and emerging artists who use the photographic process as a conceptual tool. It is the prime gallery for those selected artists who now make up what is known as
the “Helsinki School”. Founded by Timothy Persons in 1995 in Helsinki/ Finland, the gallery is since summer 2005 located in Berlin/Germany. Organizing between seven and eight shows a year, the program varies between solo- and
group exhibitions by the Gallery’s main artists as well as guest artists curated by the gallery. The gallery participates in international art fairs and tours museum exhibitions for its primary artists. Moreover, Gallery Taik Persons works
actively with independent publishing houses such as Hatje Cantz as well as Kehrer Verlag in creating limited edition art books.

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