Frederic Arnal
Via Aga Khan, 1
Porto Cervo
Exhibited artists
Guy Bourdin

Louise Alexander Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Porto Cervo, Italy.
It was founded in 2008 by Frederic and Ayse Arnal representing a multifaceted group of internationally acknowledged artists including Enrique Martinez Celaya, Barry X Ball, Folkert de Jong, Marco Tirelli and exclusively represents The Guy Bourdin Estate.

Louise Alexander Gallery is established within a remote location in Aga Khan’s architectural vernacular resort, Porto Cervo in Sardinia as the first contemporary space to join a new cultural platform initiative to contain contemporary art and design.
Exploring beyond the boundaries of a typical gallery framework, the gallery has a reputation in presenting exciting yet challenging exhibitions creating new forms of dialogue within unexpected environments.

Outside of the summer season, the gallery continues evolving its presence with unique projects and exhibitions where least expected, remaining faithful to its modern spirit of a nomadic model guided by the seasons, the international art scene and intimate locations.

As exclusive representatives of the Guy Bourdin Estate, Louise Alexander Gallery brings to light many years of archiving, through chronicled exhibitions in relevant venues such as ‘Guy Bourdin: The Portraits’ at Studio des Acacias, Paris in 2016 where Bourdin shot between the 1960-70s amongst his contemporaries, such as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn.