Eugenio Calini
Luca Casulli
Via San Vittore 13
Exhibited artists
Gian Paolo Barbieri
Greg Gorman
Silvia Lelli

29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery is a contemporary art gallery specialising in art photography located in the heart of Milan and the historic area of Sant’Ambrogio. The gallery represents the work of internationally renowned photographers such as Gian Paolo Barbieri, the most famous Italian fashion photographer, Greg Gorman, a pioneer of the modern and celebrity portrait, Rankin, one of the UK’s most iconic photographers whose work characteristically probes and questions social norms and ideas of beauty, together with respected contemporary photographers. Among these are Silvia Lelli and Roberto Masotti, the official theatre photographers for La Scala theatre from 1976 to 1996, Giuseppe Mastromatteo whose portraits recall a poetic surrealism reproducing humanity in fantastical and impossible dimensions, Kurt Ammann a Swiss photojournalist since 1948, Amadeo M. Turello - fashion photographer since 1999 as well as French photographers Ronald Martinez who is inspired by Italian painting and a Carravagian sensibility for light, and Alain Laboile who explores the topics of spontaneity, creativity and complicity in photography.
29 ARTS IN PROGRESS also represents a select group of younger emerging photographers, holding an open call each year entitled “Unpublished Photo” to search for talented and as yet undiscovered artists.
The gallery organises between five and six exhibitions a year with the programme offering a mix of solo shows and group exhibitions. Since its opening the gallery has curated exhibitions in partnership with public and private museums, amongst these: Hong Kong Arts Centre, MAMM in Moscow, ERARTA in St.Petersburg, Palazzo Reale in Milan and Triennale di Milano.