2016 (1924)
J Brofeldt
Exhibited artists
Heikki Aho
Björn Soldan
Claire Aho
Aho & Soldan

The Foundation presents three Masters of Photography, the pioneering photographers and filmmakers, Heikki Aho (1895-1961), Björn Soldan (1902-1953), Claire Aho (1925-2015).

HEIKKI AHO and BJÖRN SOLDAN were pioneers of Finnish photography and documentary film. In 1924 they established their legendary film company AHO & SOLDAN through which the Finnish documentary film tradition was born and produced well over 400 films. Their photographs are a reflection of the highest ambitions and utmost technical and aesthetical quality of their time.

Heikki´s daughter CLAIRE AHO – “The Grand Old Lady of Finnish Photography”, joined Aho & Soldan in the late 1940´s. Having opened her own commercial studio she became a pioneer of Finnish colour photography and was especially active in the 1950´s and 1960´s. Her last exhibition in London, Studio Works, was at The Photographers´ Gallery in 2013.