Julian Phillimore
Jessica McBride
2A Bathurst Street
W2 2SD
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Rad Husak

DELLASPOSA GALLERY is where art and culture are born of the aesthetic enjoyment and intellectual nourishment we derive through our visual world. DELLASPOSA was founded in 2016 and today represents contemporary and modern artists from around the world united by their conceptual rigour and quality, timeless works of art. DELLASPOSA offers a bespoke art advisory service devoted to the notion of cross-collecting and tailored to collectors aesthetic interests and ambitions. Alongside the contemporary artists represented by the gallery, DELLASPOSA also specialises in modern masters from the 20th century - from the School of Paris, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, to Young British Artists. We are dedicated to sharing the most thought-provoking modern and contemporary artworks that inspire and create conversations for a deeper appreciation of art.