Helen Bellefeuille
Jacques Bellefeuille
1367 Avenue Greene
H3Z 2A8
87 Avenue Road
Suite 2
M5R 3R9
Exhibited artists
T.M. Glass

Founded in 1980 by Jacques and Helen Bellefeuille, Galerie de Bellefeuille is one of the largest and most recognized independently run art galleries in Canada. Quickly recognizing the underrepresentation of international art in the Canadian market, the directors worked to develop a relationship with a number of internationally acclaimed artists. As a result, Galerie de Bellefeuille played host to the first North American showing of British sculptors Nicola Hicks (1997) and Sophie Ryder (2001), as well as the first Canadian solo exhibitions of Jim Dine (1997), Damien Hirst (2010), Anne-Karin Furunes (2013) and Mel Bochner (2016). Over the last 38 years Galerie de Bellefeuille has grown to meet the demands of its ever-expanding clientele. Now offering a total of 27,000 square feet of exhibition space, thanks to their brand new location in Toronto, Galerie de
Bellefeuille is unparalleled in Canada. This amount of gallery space allows to present a diverse exhibition schedule of Canadian and International artist. With a reputation for excellence and high levels of service, Galerie de Bellefeuille continues its vibrant cultural agenda, striving to present the best in fine Canadian and International art, from paintings and prints to photography and sculpture, spotlighting their artists at international art fairs such as Art NY, Art Toronto, Art Miami, Expo Chicago and Art Palm Beach.