Charlotte Schepke
392 Caledonian Road
N1 1DN
United Kingdom
Exhibited artists
Hannah Collins
Mark Ruwedel

Large Glass, founded in 2011, is a commercial gallery. Guided by the spirit of Marcel Duchamp, it aims to show contemporary art through a particular and uncommon lens, presenting individually conceived and curated exhibitions and events on a diversity of themes. Shows have included ‘Coyote’, photographs of a performance by Joseph Beuys; ‘Edge of the Seat’, the chair in sculpture introduced by Ali Smith; ‘Indeterminacy’, a homage to John Cage; ‘Suchness’, a collaboration between Helen Mirra and Allyson Strafella as well as first showings of for example Craigie Horsfield's series 'Workers', Polish workers photographed in Krakow in the early 1990s and 'From the Interior' Guido Guidi's sequence of 16 photographs taken inside an abandoned building in Preganziol, (North West of Venice). 2018 saw the unfolding of a year long exhibition 'A Coin in Nine Hands' in 9 separate parts linked by the (metaphorical) journey of a ten-lira coin. Artists included Hélène Binet, Cesare Fabbri and Guido Guidi (photography), Jean-Luc Moulène, Alice Channer and Helen Mirra (sculpture).