Alex Daniels
Weteringschans 79A
1017 RX
Exhibited artists
Gavin Turk
Roger Ballen
Todd Hido
Daido Moriyama

Reflex Amsterdam is an established gallery representing a group of both emerging and internationally renowned
contemporary artists. Organising between of six to eight solo shows and group exhibitions a year, the gallery initiates projects aimed at bringing a high level of contemporary art to the attention of national and international audiences.

The gallery has been located at the corner opposite the Rijksmuseum for over thirty years. Reflex was founded as a family business in 1986. Its name is inspired by the 1948 manifesto of the CoBrA group. Initially dealing in works by CoBrA, the gallery later moved on to represent Nouveau Realistes and artists of the Fluxus movement.
Since 2003, director Alex Daniels Jr. has been developing a new programme, steadily shifting the gallery’s focus from modern to contemporary art. Reflex works with a fixed roster that is being steadily expanded to include more up-and-coming artists from around the world.

Reflex continues to operate in the secondary market, sourcing exclusive works for private and corporate art collections.